Free Url Scraping Software For PPV Traffic

I just ran across a very nice, simple piece of software which will help you find targeted urls for your ppv (pay per view) traffic campaigns. You may download the software directly from the site PPVSNIPER.NET here.

Ok if you are not familiar with pay per view traffic and using targeted urls as keywords this is how it works in a nutshell.

Pay per view traffic networks collect millions of users by giving away free software games and tools. All these users agree to receive keyword targeted advertising in exchange for free use of the software or application. THEY AGREE! It is not spyware of spam and they can easily remove the applications and stop viewing ads anytime.

The ppv networks have millions of such users. This is where you as the advertiser come in. You can purchase advertising on these networks. Say you are selling dog food. You can submit your campaign to the ppv network and say “every time someone types in ‘dog food’ into their browser or search bar my pop up ad will come up.” Great you are selling dog food, people type in dog food and they see your pop up ad for dog food. This is real targeted advertising. But wait there is more….

You do not have to bid just on keywords to trigger your ads. You can bid on the actual urls of highly popular related sites. How cool would it be to have your dog food site pop up when someone is typing in into their browser? What if there is a popular dog food forum? You can bid on and your ad appears everytime someone goes to that forum.

The real pros of ppv marketing collect hundreds of targeted popular urls in their niche and use those urls as their keywords rather than using actual keywords. Most agree that targeted keyword generated traffic converts even better than keyword generated traffic. And it costs a fraction of what pay per click traffic costs. You can get ppv traffic usually for as little as 1 cent per view of your website. You can go to my site where you can order pay per view traffic and start getting traffic within about 48 hours here.

The problem is that it can be somewhat time consuming researching all the targeted niche urls manually. That is where Ppvsniper comes in. This is a very easy to use free software which will find popular niche websites based on your keywords. You can then export the results and submit these urls as your “keywords” for your ppv traffic campaign. See here to download the software for free now.

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  1. Jason says:

    Matthew, Thanks for mentioning PPV Sniper!

  2. paul says:

    was excited about your ppv site and interested in the ppvsniper software… however, your link and further searches only led me to a page with one word at the top. do you have a valid download address? thanks

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