Which is the Best Autoresponder System On The Market?

First of all if you are not capturing the names and email addresses of everyone who comes to your website and following up with an autoresponder system stop everything you are doing and sign up right here for an Aweber autoresponder account.

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The money is in the list. If you are not building a list of subscribers who are interested in your products and services that you can market to over and over you are wasting your advertising dollars. This is the number 1 most important tool you need for marketing on the internet period.

So which is the best autoresponder service? In my opinion it is Aweber. I was a 4 year customer of one of their main competitors when recently I switched my sign up forms for new subscribers to Aweber. I was stunned. For the same traffic I doubled my subscriber rate! I got twice as many confirmed opt in subscribers with Aweber than I did with their main competitor! I went from about 80 confirmed opt in subscribers per day to 180!!!! This means with the other service that I had for 4 years I had been losing about 100 subscribers per day. Considering that each subscriber is worth about one dollar that comes to about $3000. per month loss by choosing the wrong autoresponder service!!

Why did the former service perform so poorly? Email deliverability. This service got themselves on some blacklists and the confirmation emails people get to confirm their subscriptions were going directly to the trash. Wasted advertising dollars, wasted time!
With Aweber ALL of my confirmation emails were getting directly to the inbox and therefore more people confirmed and joined my newsletters.

Aweber just has it together. They deliver big time. If you have another autoresponder service I would switch. I you do not then sign up below for Aweber’s free test drive and get educated directly from Aweber about how valuable autoresponder can be to your business. Do it right the first time and you could save thousands of dollars! Don’t make my mistake and choose the wrong autoresponder company.

Can You Have More Sales, Too?
Helping over 75,000 businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

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I run this blog as well as www.thefreeadforum.com and www.quickregister.net. I am a full time internet markter who is still learning everyday.
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32 Responses to Which is the Best Autoresponder System On The Market?

  1. Terry says:

    Have to agree with you that Aweber is the best… based on delivery rate. However, it sucks in the cost department because as your subscriber base increases, so does the monthly cost for Aweber.

    • One thing you can do is look around for Aweber resellers. It is the same service with a few advanced features gone at the old prices. I do not use those super advanced features so this is a good deal for me.

  2. Tyger Goods says:

    Aweber is a good autoresponder service but I have discovered a better one at Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO). As your list grows the price does not change. This is just one of the many tools every Internet Marketer needs. For more info go to:
    http://tygergoods.gogvo.com and take a 14 test drive for $1.00

    • I had a dedicated server with GVO until recently with, unfortunately, disastrous results. The server was hacked relentlessly and they simply did not have the technical expertise to stop it. I doubt their email deliverability could compare to Aweber’s but I really appreciate their friendly attitude towards marketers. I may try one of their smaller accounts later on. Thank you for your input.

  3. Robert says:

    HI Matthew !

    Those responders are well
    and good; but :
    Have you had a look at this
    one, that is absolutely F.ree
    and is just as capable if not
    more so than the previous ones


    Let me know what you find !


    • I have not tried that one Bob but I tell you the word “FREE” scares me. My list is just too important. I do not want any ads in my messages or on my related pages. I want to totally control what I am sending my traffic to. I want the best deliverability. Anything less and I am losing money. With free there is always a catch but hey I’ll take a look. Thanks!


  4. Craig Wilson says:

    Aweber flat out rules… I’m not terribly concerned over the price increase because the nominal fee is meaningless if my list grew by 1,000s…Seems emailing them a good affiliate offer now and again could make up for the price difference…

    In other words, if you’re paying more, that should be good news as I see it-It should also tell you that your ads/landing page design is effective to even generate on opt in……It should mean to you more potential sales for your services/products. PLUS their customer service is world class.. When I was a “newb” trying to upload letters or collect web form code they would answer all my questions …yes via the PHONE and not some support ticket… I could call them 10 times in a day and get friendly help.. Don’t know about you all, but customer service means EVERYTHING…My 2 cents

    • You said it better than me Craig. If they are getting your emails out they are earning the price difference. And you are right about the service. Top notch.

  5. Jesus Moreno says:

    Hi Matt:
    Because I am promoting AWeber, is good to see your review. And since the point of view of a user, Terry is right: the more subscribers, more fees. You must have a very solid income to sustain the cost of a large list.


    Jesus Moreno

  6. Manie says:

    Thks for the insight wasn’t aware of this facility.

    Will definitely look into it further and may even use it in future

  7. larry says:

    Aweber sucks….as the commenter above said, the larger the customer base, the larger the monthly charge.

    • Yes, Aweber did increase their prices rather dramatically recently. However, you can check the net for Aweber resellers.They mainly are at the old prices and it is the exact same backend still run by Aweber. You miss some very recent features that I never use. Other than that the same. Even the customer service for the resellers is actually run by Aweber.

  8. Rik Fok says:


    aweber is good, but people looking for a low cost solution should consider my self hosted autoresonder. For just a one time payment of $97 marketers can have a very powerful autoresponder saving many hundreds of dollars over a lifetime.

    Have a look here for more info: http://autoresponder365.com

    All the best

    Rik Fox

    • Yes, self hosting is another viable solution for someone willing to be a little more hands on. You had better learn about whitelists, blacklists, bounce management, SPF records, Reverse DNS and you can get very good results. I think the main advantage of self hosting is your complete flexibility. You can control the language, the confirmation messages, importing. For example I am moving my confirmed opt in list from Getresponse to a self hosted solution. If I were to import these contacts into Aweber they would have to confirm again which would be TRIPLE opt in! This is annoying for my customers plus I will lose some really good subscribers who just will forget to opt in a 3rd time. I am using Active Campaign Software which is more expensive but very high quality.

  9. al garretson says:

    Aweber is great no doubt about it. A fellow marketer told me about a service that has everything and more for your marketing needs all in one place and there emails do get delivered.
    Ultimate Marketing Center

  10. hi Matt

    interesting post there are many different autro responders out there but your post is quite amazing losing that many subscribers well glad you discovered it
    i dont have a autro responder so will look at aweber
    thanks enjoy your blog great posts
    peter mcgrath

  11. John Estes says:


    You hit the nail on the head. Aweber is the tops in my book. I finally figured out how to use the power that they pocess and have improved my results. Great post.

  12. Tari says:

    Yea, Aweber could be the best but the cost sucks for beginners.

  13. Hi Matthew.
    I have been on your list for a while and following your news.
    On the subject of autoresponders…
    Aweber is ok but I’d like to challenge that :) It is possible to actually do much better:) How about integrated video and some serious marketing tools?
    Here is an example on my blog.

    • Thanks for the comment Mark. I am listening to the video on your blog to get a better idea of what it is all about. I think the other services are starting to offer video email too but sure video is great. Also I see there is a section on SMS marketing which I think is going to be huge. Thanks for your input!


  14. pavan says:

    Aweber is the number one autoresponder.Aweber is easy to use and their service is also much better than any other autoresponder company.

  15. John says:

    The best auto responder is the one you host on your own

  16. JLee says:

    I have always heard great things about Aweber that it’s a great service number one but being on a budget during hard times it’s hard. I will look into the free service list wire and get back with you.

  17. sandra says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m just starting out, and I am totally confused as to how to get started with my email marketing campaign.
    I purchased a website from quickregister, but I thought I was to get an autoresponder account with pre-written sales letters with this site to help me get started. I am totally green when it comes to this, and I am still reading your material to get a better understanding about how to proceed-But I can use all the help I can get. Where are these Sales Letters or Emails that come with this autoresponder account?

    I will set up an aweber account, or an icontact account once I have a campaign set up. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Hi Sandra,

      If you are talking about the Topsafelistbiz.com program the autoresponder is set up for you so you do not have to worry bout it. You can subscribe to your autoresponder series from the form at the bottom of your website.

      For this program you should concentrate on promoting your site.
      See http://www.topsafelistbiz.com/howto.html

      I would also start studying about Aweber and learning more about autoresponders directly from the Aweber site. There is a learning curve but Rome was not built in a day.

  18. Tim Pacello says:

    Hey Matthew:

    I was using GetResponse there for a while but now they to have increased their prices based on the number of subscribers so had to let them go. Now I’m using TrafficWave which is reasonable $17.95 a month no matter how big your list grows. Your Auto Responder has no ads as long as your a paid member and you can load as many letters as you want.

    Getting more bang for the buck you might say.

    Have a great evening.

  19. I agree aweber is the best in town hands down nice review!

  20. Eddie Tune says:

    Well Mathew I’ll have to disagree with you on the Aweber, to pricey. I use 12sec commute and not only have the auto responder but have a capture/splash page creator,affiliate income,url rotators,SEO optimiser, translator,click bank mall, and much much more with a better delivery rate than your responder for less money…check it out. I’ts free for 30 days and no credit card required.

    Thanks Eddie

  21. The deliverability is the key. The price is less of a concern. If you emails do not get out then you really do not have anything to talk about.
    I will check this out. Thanks for the tip.


  22. peter karam says:

    what is the best steps for make big marketing online ? and how i can guarantee it will work ?

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