What Is Your Favorite Hosting Company?

If you are looking for VPS or dedicated servers just sign up with Servint. You cannot lose. I have been with them for years. To say their customer service is excellent simply does not do them justice. Any time day or night for years they have solved my most difficult technical problems quickly and with total competence and professionalism.

Even when I have had problems which really were not within the parameters of web hosting support they dived in and helped me. And they are good. Really good technically. The tech support staff that you first contact are their top line people. Some web hosting companies put their less experienced people on the first line of calls and then if the problem is too difficult they kick it up to the more experienced techs. I have never come up with one issue that their first line tech support could not handle. If you are looking at dedicated servers or VPS servers then a couple of dollars difference in prices is not what you should be looking at. Your web business is too valuable to be down even for a few hours. You need the peace of mind knowing you have professionals managing your web presence. I have been online for over 10 years and I have tried many web hosting companies. I give Servint an A++ rating. Fantastic company.

Another company which is superb for VPS and dedicated servers is Liquid Web. I rarely use their tech support because everything just works all the time. You order the server and it works immediately. This is actually quite rare. Many times the servers are not set up right, the DNS set up is not complete, and you have to go through a whole dance to get your server up and going. You are almost shocked when you log in for the first time and everything just works! The first time. Liquid Web is also a good business web host. They understand the needs of busy sites and want to do everything they can to see you succeed online. The few times you need tech support they respond quickly and competently. For managed dedicated servers and VPS servers I highly recommend Liquid Web. I have personally used both Servint and Liquid Web for years.

If you are looking for shared hosting you might check out Host Gator. I do not personally use them because I do not use shared hosting. My needs have grown. They have very competitive packages and are one of the largest companies out there for shared hosting. HostGator is one of the world’s top 10 largest web hosting companies with more than 2,500,000 hosted domains. You can get web hosting starting at $4.95 per month for UNLIMITED Disk Space and UNLIMITED Bandwidth. This is good is you are just getting started with your own website and domain which I highly recommend.

So my recommendations for dedicated and VPS servers are:
1. Servint
2. Liquid Web

You may wonder why I do not list more companies. I have tried many dedicated server hosting companies and most of my experiences have been negative. It is amazing. Problems with hacking, not understanding how busy sites work, lack of basic technical competence, poor overall support and on and on. I wish I had a bigger list great companies but the companies above have been tested by fire. They are first rate.

My recommendation for shared hosting is Host Gator. I do not use them for my sites but they have very competitive packages for beginners. What are your favorite hosting companies? Please tell me the reasons behind your choice. This is an important topic and we can all benefit from each others experiences.

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Comment by Casey
2010-06-11 11:28:09

I am really liking the reliability and ease of use of InMotion…

Comment by Mick Phillips
2010-06-11 11:41:21

Hi Mathew,
I find hostgator most satisfactery,
I host 5 different sites with them and have never had any trouble with downtime.
There Cpanel is easy to use,and like you said The Price is Right.

Comment by Hema Latha
2010-06-11 12:34:32

Hi Matthew Meyer,

I use HostGator and it’s excellent. Right now shared hosting is enough for my site and HostGator does satisfy my hosting needs even though they have some drawbacks. And i must mention that their customer service (Online Chat) is best and solutions are given immediately when you contact them through chat.

Comment by Roy
2010-06-11 12:49:33

My favorite webhosting is Pagematic

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 13:21:20

Hi Roy, yes I almost forgot about Jim over at Pagematic. He really is first rate. I used to use them years ago and he gave me great service. I hope he got someone to help him. I do not think he ever slept! He programmed a great autoresponder system which I still use on one of my sites. Varpro.

Comment by Mark Hultgren Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 12:54:55

Personally, I prefer MKW Industries for hosting because they ask you what you want to do with your site and provide a customized hosting package instead of a ‘one-stop-shop’ version that may or may not have the options you need enabled.
Websites and blogs that are providing streaming video need different options than those that operate a ‘simple’ HTML or WordPress site.
They are flexible instead of “For This amount you get This”. If you need 10 add-on domains, they will customize your package for you quickly and support is top-notch!

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 13:22:41

Hi Mark, MKW sounds brilliant. Yes, I have found that hosts which have no understanding of the businesses they host can be a problem. I love the idea of customizing the package to the type of site you have. I will definitely check them out. Thanks!!

Comment by Jamie
2010-06-11 13:36:03

I absolutely love Williams Web. And because I am so much NOT a pro…I can persistent and problematic. And no- I am not affiliated other than I am a customer. Their system is WAY easy and super efficient for those of us who know how to use programs like Microsoft Word. It was just a perfect fit! My site is hundreds of pages-mainly text which can be a nghtmare! But their system is simple to use, with built in tracking, polls, shopping etc…. and I didn’t have to learn a bunch of junk to use any of it. It happens with only the click of a button! YAY! I give them a HUGE recommendation for all types of businesses. Awesome -awesome company! Have been so spoiled … doubt I will ever change! If I am this thrilled imagine what a joy it is for pro’s!www.websolutionsthatwork.com

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 14:18:29

Jamie, this is a very good perspective. Those of us who are more techy forget sometimes that many people are not. If your hosting company has a simple way to allow those who do not know html, ftp and web design to successfully publish their website kudos to them. One of the hardest things to do is to create a simple system from something which is basically complicated. Thank you for your comment.

Comment by Vikas
2010-06-11 13:40:21

I will recommend http://www.ewebguru.com/ hosting with them sine last 2 years, best part is their support team which are available on live chat to assist, I recommend eWebGuru

Comment by Georgina Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 14:10:12

I use hostgator but have not used any other so can’t really compare to the rest

Comment by david Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 15:23:21

i use websitehostingsupplier they are affordable and reliable so cheap they have an online chat or support tickets & they helped me with anything i needed & you can have upto 5 more websites added on the same c-panel for the same price you pay no more paying for more c-panels & if you need it you can add more data transfer & bandwidth

Comment by CP
2010-06-11 17:42:37

I have had experience with several; 3 come to mind for different functions.

Global Domains International:
This company has great customer service, and offers a very compatible email program and website hosting along with a nice affiliate program http://www.website.ws/yournewwebsite

Host Jester:
For FTP uploading as well as hosting.

Go Daddy:
For straight up great customer service, and advice on redirecting your new domain to be hosted.

I learned a valuable lesson recently. When you intend to use a domain for a certain project, or with a certain company, it may be wise to ask which hosting company they recommend. Their may be underlying reasons why that have to do with the way certain programs are uploaded.

Comment by Mike
2010-06-11 18:35:38

I too use Hostgator mainly because it’s easy, cpanel is the best and simple to use, cost is minimal (you really can’t beat that) and if and when you need help, their chat feature is great and also you can call them at any time of day or night and receive excellent assistance from the best tech’s bar none. For shared hosting, Hostgator is my recommendation.

Comment by Bruce Cook Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 20:42:40

I have found HostPC (now topnotch for reseller and hosting accounts. While they have server accounts, I ha not used them 20 reseller accounts is just fine, although there is no limit except space and bandwidth. Have used them for years. price is great and the owner, Joe Mack, is right there for you when you need help.

Comment by william sawyers Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-11 21:27:25

I used to love Comcast with a free web site, after three years had 95,000 visiting and lost it to an upgrade.

I switched to go daddy.com using word press, and only works with fire fox

Got another site for internet explorer thru free webs.


What do I offer?

free children stories for the ages of five on up, plus poetry.

My motto? “daring to to make a difference in today’s youth-one page at a time”

I’ve noticed free webs more reliable than go daddy. as I get results when systems are down.Error reports

Comment by Mitch
2010-06-11 23:23:00

I use 1&1, shared hosting of course, and except for a one week glitch in 2008, I’ve never had any problems with them. I think their customer service is pretty good as well.

Comment by Marion Drazil
2010-06-11 23:41:33

I have been with 250Host.com since 2005, from the time I was a novice website builder until today where I now do this for a living. I can say with much conviction that they have done everything within their power to ensure that I am well looked after and the services they offer are the very best at an affordable price.

On the few occasions that they had gone down, as we all do at times, I am always notified and constantly update as to their progress, and much to my surprise, on one occassion in particular they actually credited the time they were down and deducted that off my next month’s account. You can’t get better than that!

I would highly recomment 250Host.com to anyone who is looking for a reliable, helpful and extremely committed host.

Comment by Dinesh
2010-06-11 23:48:31

i will say best and recommand http://www.asvahosting.com as the best webhosting service in india

Comment by Emil
2010-06-12 01:11:37

Just for me, haven’t faforite hosting company!:-)

Comment by Manua Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 01:34:51

I will recommend http://greatvisionhost.com/ hosting with them sine last 3 years, best part is their support team which are available.
99% uptime Guaranty!

1dollar webhosting Low Cost Web Hosting

Comment by brian williamson
2010-06-12 02:22:01

I have found webhostingpad to be excellent, free domain name and unlimited domains, bandwidth and email accounts. Can be as low as $2 per month if you make a long-term commitment.

Comment by Manua Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 05:02:18

I don’t have any particular Ferrari but http://greatvisionhost.com/ is good for me as the give me 99.9 % up time guarantee

Comment by Donatello Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 05:05:55

I use http://Englishtutors.info .
Enjoy a FREE set of web design and web content tools and choose the location of your web site – in USA or in Europe.

Comment by Twitter On Heat
2010-06-12 06:03:04

I have used a few diferent free services at the outset. (quite some time ago, some are no longer around).

So far as paid services go I use Byet premium hosting services, easy to use, cpanel, it`s got all the services required, plus the free domain name for $35.88 per year.

Suits my needs, only thing is with the domain name, I`m sure it stays with the company, haven`t checked with them to ask whether or not it`s transferable, but for the purpose it suits so wasn`t really worried about it.

If you use the link provided here, when you get to the page, just click on the order button, it opens up the index or product list of which you can scroll through to view the various items/services they provide, from basic hosting to VPS to dedicated servers etc.

Comment by indian web hosting
2010-06-12 06:13:15

When searching for a good hosting company, one must not only look at uptime ratios, technologies supported, or costs, you must look at customer service and delhiwebhostingindia delivers and delivers and…you get the point. We choose delhiwebhostingindia after researching literally 100s of hosting companies throughout the India. Our requirements were nothing short of a 24/7 worldclass website and Edge Web continues to out do itself every time we need their expertise. What a pleasure to find a company that still understands “total customer satisfaction”!

2010-06-12 06:16:47

We’ve been with Delhiwebhostingindia for 6 months and have experienced excellent response time to our inquiries…These folks know about customer service and have delivered every time!

Comment by Stephen Price
2010-06-12 06:54:40

HostGator is my favourite, their customer support is second to none!

Comment by Joe
2010-06-12 09:22:28

I use NOW Xeon-Network.com! – Well, my site is still not ready! That bcz I had a host at HostGator.. And I’m band without notification.. When I askd them they said I used 35% cpu! :( I don’t know HOW?? I have Web design selling company – just download Templates only. All are legal! But…………

So I decided to move on at Xeon-network.com – They, still has no downtime or else! I’m very happy with my host now!

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-14 13:39:04

I have heard this complaint before about Hostgator when you have their most basic package. This really is a sign that you need to upgrade to a bigger package. This recently happened to me with an account on Wired Tree. They had my account down because of excessive use of resources. I just had too cheap of a plan. I upgraded for an additional $10. and the problem was solved but it took a full day of downtime. The company is good and I still use them for one site but when companies just ban or nuke accounts beware you can have negative consequences. It really leaves a bad taste in the mouth of your customers. When I was using too much resources with Servint they gave me an analysis and a free trial on their more powerful server. I upgraded and spent $80 more per month with them. No downtime and very professional approach. I would be hesitant to host my most important sites with hosts that are quick to ban or delete accounts. Hosts beware.

Comment by Dave Osmonson
2010-06-12 10:16:03

Hi Matthew,

Well I must say that HostGator is probably the best I have worked with so far. Earlier in my career I used a couple of others, but to be honest, I can’t even remember their names??

Thanks, Dave…

Comment by Henry Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 10:23:20

I used to have a comparison with few Hosting And Domainhosting in terms of services,pricing and features before making final decision on which I should use the hosting services.

Sometimes, a good hosting could not provide special feature for building your beloved website. Hence, it depends on your need.

Have an awesome day.

Comment by Tyger Goods Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 10:23:39

Global Virtual Opportunities is still at the top of the list at $1.50 per day! Check out http://tygergoods.gogvo.com and get all the products and services that make you successful online.

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 10:43:24

I liked them because they seemed friendly to marketers and Joel seems like a great guy. However, I had a dedicated server with GVO and I was hacked relentlessly. I had to change. When I changed the hacking stopped. I hope they tighten their security because they have a great attitude and potential. I will be trying one of their smaller packages for some new projects.

Comment by Darlene Isberg Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 11:02:40

Hi Everyone.

Well, I did the same thing as some of the other folks that have posted in that I have tried different hosting companies. Very early on, when we were all new I lost web sites/pages to “free” hosting or affiliations that gave out “free” pages. When I realized “free” was not the way to go I upgraded, bit the bullet and started paying for this service. When I pulled away from the first outfit I lost all my pages as I didn’t know enough to download them before cancelling. With the 2nd Company I lost my domain name as they were double billing. Actually that has happened to me more than once. Since the first go around I now print out hard copy of the payments which has saved me some aggravation. My 3rd host had a customer service attitude. Anything requested or required seemed to be a really stupid issue with them. Mayabe it was, too, but for customer service to make one feel they should creep away is nuts. So I am now at Hostgator as well, where CS is choice, however there are plans to move along. Not because they have done anything wrong etc., but that my requirements are growing & their next plateau for what I would like is $174.00 monthly. Not ready to take that on. I am looking at Host4Profit as my next Host upgrade but will look at the sites Matthew recommended as well. Thanks Matthew for the heads up.

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 12:59:49

Darlene, I really like your comment for several reasons. One you are talking about real internet marketing. Lots of trial and error. Losing sites, losing money and finally finding out what works yourself and building from there. The number 1 quality you must posess to be an internet marketer is persistence. If you give up easy this ain’t for you. Also you brought out a good point that free is not free. Actually free scares me to death. I want to pay for web hosting because my entire business depends on it and if I am paying nothing how much will the provider care about me? Not much. I prefer to pay and even to leave a little tip! LOL. How much money do you lose if your site goes down 1 day? $30? If the price difference between a reliable host and 2nd rate host is $30. then pay the $30. extra I say. Free is never free. Thanks Darlene. Definitely check out Servint. You will never regret it.

Comment by Robert Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 13:40:22

I use 1&1. 1&1 gives free domains with every hosting plan, easy site building tools, free valuable software and even free search engine advertising vouchers to promote your site with. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Check out http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=26845576

Comment by Nicki Goff
2010-06-12 16:33:22

So far, we have mainly used Hostgator, and found they suit our present needs. Any problems have always received a quick and personal response.

Comment by Upendra Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 18:07:26

It is a good information. I have not hosted yet but thinking for some sites in New Zealand *.co.nz
THank you

Comment by Kitty Jellinek Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-12 20:00:48

Hi Matthew,

I think it is important to point out, that you should never put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to hosting.

No matter how good a hosting company is, they can encounter problems which will directly effect your business.

I use Godaddy,Hostgator,Underpriced Host,and several others – all of which have given me outstanding service and rates.

I keep backups of all my sites ready on each host – if one of them goes down – very rare – but it does happen – I will have the site up and running on the other host within 15 minutes.

This method has saved my bacon on several occasions over the last ten years.



Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-13 00:26:28

Kitty, excellent point. I love Servint but for that very reason I have my sites spread over a number of hosts. You never know what might happen. Even management can change. In everything you do on the net you must have your eggs in many baskets. I have learned this lesson the hard way.

Comment by william wilson
2010-06-12 20:38:20

hi everyone the web hosting that i use is a site called bigpixie.com the reason being is that it has great support for beginners and it is really usere friendly ive only started marketing a month ago and i had my first site up and running in a matter of a few days everything you need is constructed within the big pixie site i give it a 10 out 10 cheers billyj australia if you want to check my site its http://www.adhdhelptocope.com

Comment by Randy
2010-06-13 11:40:27

Hi Thanks for all the information you been sharing.

Comment by Hits-A-Million
2010-06-13 20:36:06

Hi Mathew. (love the hat)

This has been an interesting thread to read.

For people just starting out I recommend $1 month AngryHosting, no sense paying for Cpanel and fancy add-ons if you don’t/won’t use them, is there?

For simple redirection I use and recommend GoDaddy.

And for my main dedicated hosting I use and recommend HostForWeb.

That’s how I’ve been going about things for quite a few years now.



Comment by Henry Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-13 20:47:36

I like to use Google domain and forward to blogspot.com.
-Improve search engine through Google
-Blogspot is free and never expire. If my domain expired when I were not free such as sick, hospitalization and so forth(You won’t know what would happened to you in future). I have no worry of losing my site contents without renewal.

However, I might learn how to make a portal. Hence, a better hosting is vital.

Have a greatest day.
Happy World Cup 2010

Comment by flashmadblog
2010-06-14 00:32:15

I am 1and1 fan. I am using it since 2006 .

Comment by Tera Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-14 00:45:10

Matthew, since I have been on your list for a very long time and picked up some cool stuff I will share with you what has been a top secret hosting used by me as well as the Big Dogs.

Nope its not anything close to whats been mentioned here.
Ive been with them since past 6 years and had almost 100% uptime with support always under 15-30 minutes when i needed it…. not simply a reply … but issue resolved.

They dont advertise cause they perhaps well dont need to ….with me and other loyalists giving them all our business.

checkout bit.ly/bG2QK4

I hosted with Hostgator/ Site5 / Bluehost / Godaddy earlier and have now moved all my accounts with them.

But please do keep this to just yourselves..


Comment by Nayan Kumar Mahato Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-14 01:01:46

hi sir,
I have lots of Experience for web hosting or this type of service but few are very fine to his customer sanctification and quality maintained like:
Global Domains International:
This company has provide great customer service, and offers a very compatible price with so many services like email program and website hosting along with a nice affiliate program

Host Jester:
For FTP uploading as well as hosting.

Go Daddy:
For straight up great customer service, and advice on redirecting your new domain to be hosted.

we are not into this service but we are into Localization Business any things you want to Know more about this Localization Business,
then contact me with this mail Id , nayankm@braahmam.net or sales@braahmam.net
Or Direct call to me on This No. +91 120 6514554

Thanking you very Much
From Nayan Kumar
Manager (BD and Marketing)

2010-06-14 03:09:31

I use Cashback Business Web Hosting from Signature Image Consultants and it’s excellent. Last month they we’re giving it away. Yes, that’s right. FREE UK BUSINESS WEBSITE HOSTING FOR 3 MONTHS (save 12.5%) when you sign up to their budget hosting plan for 24 months.

It’s a no frills service thant does exactly what it says on the tin. (100% uptime, good reliable telephone support, control panel). Absolute bargain.

Comment by Gail Fay
2010-06-14 04:12:57

I am very impressed by Hostgator. They are reliable, inexpensive and their 24/7 chatbox support is very quick to respond. When I was an absolute newbie I often had to request help, even for the simplest things. If I didn’t understand the technicalities of their reply, I would ask nicely and they would usually log in to my account and fix up my stupid mistakes.

I now have several domains hosted Hostgator and feel very comfortable that they are there if ever I need them. I live on the other side of the world and the time difference doesn’t affect the service at all.

I would recommend Hostgator to newbies for low cost, ease of use and excellent service and support. 10 out of 10 from me.

Comment by Michael J. Ming
2010-06-14 04:28:18

My prime and only hosting company is Vodahost. At $95US annually with unlimited domain names and space, etc. plus a html editor and cpanel second to none with tiptop service added,I would highly recommend vodahost.com.
There are one or two issues current to do with OTO accounts and subscriber accounts but I’m hoping the latter is soon resolved otherwise I’ll be forced to reconsider and I dread that.


Comment by Missy Frye
2010-06-14 08:44:31

I’ve used IX Web Hosting for years and love them. Miniscule little downtime, easy to navigate cpanel, fantastic customer service 24/7 and priced right.

Comment by Aaron Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-14 18:35:28

Hello, Matthew.

I just started my own blog about hosting. I typically use GVO for my hosting. I list several more for personal preferences. Please take a look at what I have put up so far. Give me your opinion (http://websitehostingservicesblog.info).



Comment by Wesley
2010-06-16 12:09:13

GVO is by far the most complete web hosting company. They have everything you need in one place. You can host unlimited number of sites and the customer service is very good.

Comment by Ruadhri McGarry Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-17 10:10:18

For me in Ireland, and no reason why not internationally, it’s Blacknight. http://www.blacknight.com.

I have a number of sites hosted with them and I’ve moved others to them. Their support section is pretty much perfect, they help promote my business to their other clients, give me discounts with same and I have actually adapted more and more their business model for discounts, upselling and especially customer service.

The best for me by a country mile. If all my other suppliers were as good as them I’d be a happier richer man:) (Well, richer anyway).

ps, I have no professional affiliation at all, the above reads a bit spammy, but it’s the real deal!

Comment by Sigske
2010-06-17 12:06:58


Must say host gator is a great place. When ever you need help there is some standby for you. We have had no problems with them at all, and wonderfull personal service.
We use it for our webstore http://www.entertained24-7.com
And it works great for us.

So thanks a lot to the hose gator Team


Comment by Jerry Stith
2010-06-17 14:34:13


Multiply is hosting my site for the past year. They seem to be getting the job done therefore I’m a happy camper!

They seem to get the job done, communicate with me one on one, have new functions being added to their program plus have user friendly software.

Cheers, Jerry Stith

Comment by Alex
2010-06-17 16:33:42

My favourite host is bluehost, all my sites are hosted there, never had a problem with them and the server uptime is almost 100%.

Comment by Yuan.Yu
2010-06-19 04:38:02

I have used hostgator more than 4 years, best share hosting as I used?

Comment by craig
2010-06-19 08:00:15

Hi i use chris farrells hosting which comes free with the membership

Comment by firentire
2010-06-19 10:09:27

My favorite hosting is PedalHost.
Good and quick customer service, 99.9 % uptime guarantee.

Now they have a summer special for only $1.95/month which includes Fantastico, Website Builder, Free Setup.

Activation in no time.

Never had problems with them.
Very good prices.


Comment by Barry Patterson Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-19 10:42:52

Sorry, Host Gator has not been good to me or for me.

Right now my focus is on blogging and Google Blogger or Blogspot is really working well. Comparing this with other blogging companies, well, ease of use is best with Blogspot.

My main company http://BeBiz.com and the blog included that goes to my blogs is really great.

Barrymor http://howtogardengardener.com

Comment by Barry Patterson Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-19 11:44:32

Sorry, hostgator is not my favorite. Right now I have moved on to blogging and find Google Blogger or Blogspot working very well. It is so simple and is liked by Google search and other Google supports. I am open to other blogging hosts. My Google profile is getting around.


2010-06-19 20:25:21

I use Stores Online Pro. Very comprehensive offering. Not cheap.

Comment by amit kumar Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-20 22:55:04

Hi Every one,

I must say these are the best options…



Comment by Leo S. Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-22 06:19:00

About Freewebs… Well, as most of the time, you get what you (not) pay for…

For the very simple starters: try http://www.yola.com. Complete FREE to start with – and yet good help with many explaining video’s! Buy a domeinname? Hosting remains free! Upgrade as you please!


Comment by Don Kibby Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-22 09:55:42

By far the most comprehensive online marketing platform is GVO.
You get unlimited hosting,eresponder, video producer, domain name,loads of online marketing training through GVO Academy, global coverage, income stream by promoting the business which will pay for your 44.95/month cost. It’s a no brainer! Try it for 14days@$1.00

Comment by Bruno
2010-07-16 17:18:44

I’ve had dozends of hosts in my time as a developer and the best hosting I’m getting is from http://www.makosolutions.com/. I’ve been there for over a year and service is outstanding.

2010-07-27 04:13:13

I have my own company called TRI FORCE affiliate marketing and I use Crazy Domains and yahoo and have had no trouble except yahoo bouncing emails from my sights

Comment by Lynn Brown
2010-08-04 17:05:38

My favorite hosting company was through Yahoo that included my sitebuilder and shopping cart. Always were able to help me any time of day or night! Support always friendly, helpful and knowledegable. Used them for over 6 years.

Also have used GoDaddy, WordPress and now I use WebStarts ProVersion.

Comment by Stephen Murphy
2010-08-06 05:28:14

I have been using http://byethost.com/ for the last couple of years and very pleased with what they have to offer. At 2.99 a month they offer alot more then higher priced shared hosting.

Comment by Vince Stevenson
2010-09-17 14:30:31

My favourites are 123-reg and supanames.

Both very good.

Rgds Vince

Comment by Kelly
2010-09-24 18:46:39

I’m using Dreamhost and as far as I’m concerned they’re the best hosting provider I’ve ever found… and I’ve been doing this for a very long time.

Comment by wpsJack
2010-10-08 07:19:47

Hi Matt,
I have been with StartLogic for a number of years and along with 100,000 other customers I find their service and support to be top notch. I have never had an unanswered issue.

Comment by Alex
2010-10-12 09:22:12

Hi Matt,
I host 2 sites on vodahost.com & their customer service is just excellent – any issues (by the way, I have had only little problems with this provider for the last 2 years :-)) resolved in minutes. If you’re looking for “cheap” webhosting solution (not a dedicated server) – they are in the “top 10″.

2010-10-18 08:28:26

Before you buy tips. There is something you should do…
Phone up their Technical Support and ask so difficult questions.

See how the respond… next time this may be for real.

Hosting Question you should ask

Comment by Summer Lewis
2010-12-01 11:04:14

some webhosting companies give free domains upon signing up with one of their plans ;*’

Comment by Gladys
2011-01-05 22:40:40

I use GDI

Comment by trishack
2011-01-21 20:12:52

I also use prosense on a blog i started a week ago, and i hope it does good.

Comment by CJ Media Pacific Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-31 14:58:40

Here is a recent Transcript using Live support from 3IX.
Thats why I use Hostgator.

Live-Help: Welcome to 24×7 Live Chat, my name is Jill, please hold for a moment, I am reviewing your question.
Colin Jones: ok
Live-Help: How may I help you today?
Live-Help: You find details on the plans provided by us on the following link: *Link removed*
Live-Help: All our hosting plans include the easy to use cPanel, POP3 & IMAP email accounts, Awstat Statistics, Sub-domains, PHP & MySQL, Mailing Lists, free scripts and many other features.
Colin Jones: were you able to read the question?
Live-Help: Our uptime is consistently in the high 99% (99.7-99.9%) we have technicians monitoring the servers 24×7, in the event of an outage or loading they will take action immediately.
Live-Help: What is your problem ?
Live-Help: I don’t found your account here.
Colin Jones: I am a previous customer of yours
Live-Help: and then ?
Live-Help: What do you want to do now ?
Colin Jones: Are you just rude or dont you understand my question I want to buy some hosting
Live-Help: yes
Live-Help: and then ?
Live-Help: What do you want to do now ?
Colin Jones: sell me hosting
Live-Help: you rude first
Live-Help: You find details on the plans provided by us on the following link:
**Link Removed**
Colin Jones: I will email this back to your boss obviously 3ix hasnt improved
Live-Help: go ahead
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to colin4272@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
Live-Help: Thank you for using our 24×7 Live Chat Service, if you would like a copy of this chat, please click the ‘Close’ button and enter your email address.
Live-Help: You will also be able to rate our service and make any comments you think would help us to improve, your opinion is important to us.
Live-Help: Thank you for chatting. Good-bye.
3IX their staff are as tidy as their web site. No thanks
Back to Hostgator…….

Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2011-01-31 18:34:58

Colin, that is brutal man! The web hosting business is a business where service has to be fantastic. I am in the process of looking for a new VPS provider, I think I found one VPSLatch. However, I checked a few reviews on others I was considering and nixed them because of bad reviews. People seem to like Hostgator but for VPS Servint and Liquidweb have been great for me. The only reason I was looking for another one is because I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket.

Comment by kmm
2011-02-22 21:31:29

For me HostBig have been brilliant. Incredible prices from just $1 pcm, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space and excellent support. Every time I’ve needed help their live chat support sorted it out. Not often I rave about anything but HostBig so far have been spot on!

Comment by Randy Subscribed to comments via email
2011-03-22 09:40:15

I have been using 000Webhost and I really love them. Great service..very reliable. The great thing about 000Webhost is that you can build as many FREE websites as you want. And their upgrade package is very inexpensive.

Comment by John Subscribed to comments via email
2011-05-24 22:14:14

For hosting I like a local Long Island ISP Hosting company called Vastnet. They have been in business 11+ years and their support is very professional and courteous, if ever needed. Vastnet’s owner is always available and goes the extra mile when and if needed.

Vastnet.net is best used for VPS and dedicated servers and their prices , though a bit expensive for hosting ( in my opinion )are well worth it considering the service provided.

Comment by Janny
2011-07-31 04:02:41

Hostgator has been fantastic for me. They always resolve my woes. Now hang on….. now I will search to find what shared hosting is.


Comment by Matthew Meyer Subscribed to comments via email
2011-08-03 14:01:53

Cool Janny. Thank you for sharing. It seems Hostgator is getting the thumbs up from most people. They must have put something in the water.

Comment by Hosting in India
2012-02-14 05:35:09

In the field of web hosting and domain name business, no matter how hard you brag about the quality of servers, low cost hosting, best returns etc., a client will stick with you only and only if, you give him excellent customer service. Hosting companies who make their customer feel special, is always the frontrunner in the race of top hosting companies in India and the world.

Comment by Bill Sawyers
2012-02-20 19:37:27

I use two, godaddy.com, and freewebs. Go daddy not so good lost hrs. many times and little bit complicated by using word press.

freewebs is free for many, but I get charged as I have so much space I’m using up for my children books and such. without the down times. From a simple children author

Comment by Buck Lawrimore
2012-03-07 09:33:56

I have tried many and Hostgator is the best by far. I use them for all my clients’ websites as well as my own. Their customer service is just awesome and their prices are extremely competitive. Thanks for this post.

Comment by Roger Viles
2012-03-08 05:35:28

For shared hosting in the UK I recommend Vidahost http://www.vidahost.com who provide an excellent service, with Rsoft back-up and real telephone support if needed.

They also now offer cloud solutions.

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