How To Download Videos From YouTube-YouTube Downloader Review

Click here to download YouTube Downloader now for free. YouTube Downloader simply allows you to easily download videos from YouTube to your hardrive and convert them to the most popular formats. Just copy and paste the url of the YouTube video you want to download into the interface, click Ok and the video will be downloaded to your hardrive.

This intuitive easy to use, simple free software actually works really well. The interface is very simple and needs no instructions to operate. YouTube downloader has two main features: To download FLV files from YouTube, and then to convert them to the most popular formats. If your YouTube url is already in your clipboard it will automatically copy it into the software for you. Sometimes this can be unsettling as you wonder if you have the right url copied into YouTube downloader. Once you have the correct url copied into the software then just click OK and the downloading of your chosen YouTube video will begin. Just left click once and this loads the
file into the YouTube Downloader converter. The converter supports iPhone, iPod, PSP, cell phone, AVI, MP3, WMV and Svic.

Surprisingly, there is also a basic video editor which you can use to crop videos by time stamp. You also have the option of eliminating the sound when you convert your YouTube video with YouTube Downloader.This piece of freeware is very light and it’s simple interface does not indicate software which has only minimal functionality. YouTube Downloader is extremely efficient and does exactly as promised. It download videos from YouTube quickly and without glitches. In future edition we would like to see the ability to find missing codecs. Earlier versions of YouTube Downloader 2.1.5 and before do not work because the embed code changes on YouTube. YouTube Downloader is the fast, free, glitch free way to download and edit your favorite YouTube videos.

Certain security software will notice the included toolbar but you can opt out of this and it is not necessary for the functionning of the software. Overall I highly recommend YouTube Downloader. It is quick, efficient, light easy to use and performs exactly as promised. You may download YouTube Downloader here now.
Download YouTube Downloader Free

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