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My name is Matthew Meyer and I run this Internet Marketing Tips Blog. I have been making a full time living online for 10 years. I am completely self taught. Before doing internet marketing full time I was a professional musician. The goal of this blog is to share new internet marketing ideas and website promotion techniques as I discover and test them. I am only interested in what works and not theory. I am not a purist. I am a marketer.

I encourage you to make comments on my posts, including negative comments. All I ask is that you have a real point. If you tell me “I suck” that is not enough. I want to know why I suck. Better yet, tell me why I suck and how I can stop sucking! I still feel that I am just learning about this new exciting profession of internet marketing. This reminds me of what my Japanese judo sensei told me the day I finally received my black belt while in my forties. “Now is when you begin to learn.”

This internet marketing blog is not for the whiz kids but for those underdog marketers who are still trying to catch up but just will not give up.

The title Beneath The Underdog is what inspired the choice of this domain name, beneaththeblogger.com. This is the title of the raunchy auto biography of long gone jazz genius Charles Mingus.

I had the thrill of seeing him live in NYC during the seventies and in L.A. a bit later. I almost feel sorry those who are younger because this era of music and artistry has past. I came in on the tail end and I am lucky to have experienced it first hand.

I am an underdog marketer. A bit older than the dot com geniuses. Perhaps a slow starter but a strong finisher. I changed professions from being a band leader to a full time internet marketer and I love it.

This has allowed me tremendous freedom. I have enjoyed extended stays in France, Thailand and all over the US because I can do my work from anywhere. And best of all I never have to play the Macarena again!

I love that I am always learning in this profession. I plan on sharing what I learn here on this blog and I hope you find some benefit from my discoveries.

Your comments good or bad are welcome. Don’t worry. I can take it. I have been around the block a few times. If you have constructive criticism I will always listen. This is how we get better.


Matthew Meyer

P.S. Why the hat? Well, why not? When I was in NYC in 1979 (Were you even born yet?) still a teenager living with my actor uncle starving to death trying to make it as a jazz bassist working part time at Gristedes super market taking the stale bread home so I would have something to eat, I met a man with a hat. He was in his forties,drove a new Mercedes and played a mean sax. I asked him naively “How do you make it in the big apple as a jazz musician?” He told me “Son, you have to have 5 good women working in the hotels.” Well, here we are. Welcome to Beneaththeblogger.com

Here are some of my websites:
Lead Club– Lead generation system.
Quickregister.net Search Engine Submission and Website Promotion Service
Topsafelist.netSafelist with over 2500 members.
Topsafelistbiz.comSafelist business opportunity.
The Free Ad Forum– Free advertising forum with over 100,000 members.
Trafficgroove.com– Manual Traffic Exchange
Quickregister.info– Guaranteed Traffic Service.
Interleads.net– Lead Generation Service.
Articledude.com– Articledude.com Article Directory.

Much success in all your marketing efforts. I hope you find all the success you are looking for. Let’s learn together!

Matthew Meyer

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