Baby Shower Gift Ideas

baby shower

Baby showers have always been a big deal; however, they have become increasingly more popular recently. It is a way of celebrating a soon to be mother and child and showering them both with gifts and essentials. If you’re fortunate enough to choose the gender of your baby, you may have this all covered however, if not these suggestions will be a great starting point for you.

You might be the soon to be mum who is having a baby shower, or the friend, sister or cousin confused on what you should buy. Whatever the case you should read on. This article will not only provide clarity but also give you some creative gifting ideas so that your gift stands out from the rest and becomes a memorable one.

Baby Bag

Considering that you want to gift something for the ‘mum-to-be’ and especially in case you know her style, a baby bag is a fantastic gift that you can give. Make sure that the bag is spacious and comfortable to carry around, perhaps choose the one with a stroller. Furthermore, you can select the colour and design of the bad according to the taste and preferences of the soon to be parents (mum or dad). Also, ensure that the bag is waterproof.

Rocking Chair

If you’re looking to gift something that’s long term and can be useful for both the parents, then rocking chair would be the right choice. Select a chair that’s sturdy and noise free. You can either get it made or purchase one online or from a baby store. There’s also an option to order customised and colourful chairs to keep up with a bright environment of a baby room.

Memory Book

What can be a better gift than a beautifully designed and decorated memory book for capturing all those milestones and firsts in the life of the baby? Make sure the quality of materials of the memory book is excellent. Substandard quality may give the wrong impression. You can also get specially handcrafted memory books that help communicate your love and affection towards the soon to be parents and even their child.

Soft Toys

While considering gifts for baby shower, how can soft toys not be an option? It’s recommended to gift a range of toys which the baby can not only play with during the initial months after birth but also as he or she gets near to that first birthday mark and becomes bored of the old toys. Be extremely careful while choosing toys for the baby; it must not be something dangerous and toxic for the baby. Just take a look on the Internet or go to your nearest baby shop and know about the materials that are generally toxic for the baby. For those parents who have had to undergo IVF or elected to do IVF sex selection for their baby then these presents will feel fun and rewarding, and you will probably already start on these gifts yourself as soon as you get the green card.

Babysitting Service

If you share a close relationship with the soon to be parents and have experience with babysitting agencies, you can go a step ahead and gift them an excellent babysitting service. You can also be there on your own, or you can employ a trusted agency. This will give the parents some quality time alone which they would so profoundly require.

Clothes and Socks

You can also gift clothes for the baby to come. It’s recommended that the clothes be bright and a bit big so that the baby feels comfortable in them. But make sure that they’re not oversized as it may give wrong impression. You can also compliment the clothes by gifting beautiful pairs of socks for the baby. It will keep the feet of the baby protected and warm.

There are lots of other things that you can gift as well as a soft lounger, comfortable baby shoes, and much more. There’s just no end to this list. So whatever you give to make sure it’s not toxic or harmful either to the baby or parents in any way.

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