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Having the opportunity to live in a beach house is a dream come true for many, as you get the amazing view of the beautiful ocean scenario every day.  To make your coastal home worth everything there are certain must have things you need in them to make you feel at home. Luckily, we are here to help you with a list of things you need to have in your coastal home, so here you go.

Candles and Lanterns

One must have an item in every coastal home are candles placed in a great nautical lantern to get the perfect seaside feeling. A beach centrepiece will be great on a dining table or placed on a console behind your couch. Create a beautiful seaside scene with luxurious and glamorous lanterns with colourful candles.

Outdoor showers

If you don’t yet have an outdoor shower in your coastal home then you should be making plans to get one after this! Think about it, you’ll constantly come in contact with sand which you don’t want to get inside your house.  You can also use them to wash other things like your beach chairs, surfing boards, and toys. An outdoor shower is going to provide your coastal home with an ideal beach house look.

An Inviting outdoor area

Having an outdoor entertainment area should be a priority if you have not yet, you are already opportune to have a beautiful view of the beach everyday all you have to do now is have a comfortable place to enjoy the view from. Have a look at luxurious waterfront hotels to for inspiration on how best to style your outdoor furniture. In its simplest forms, an outdoor area should have at least a couple of swings, a fireplace and some beach chairs – to help you relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

Ocean-inspired art and home painting

Nothing says ocean more than having a blue painting in your coastal home, having a blue paint is going to complement the coastal view. An ocean-inspired art should also be placed on the walls of your home you can decide to have more than one.  An ocean-inspired piece of art is going to make your beach home feel very welcoming.

Slipcover Furnishings

A slipcover chair or sofa is one key feature you should have in your seaside home.  No beach house can be complete without a slipcover sofa, whether it is an expensive oceanfront home, a lake house retreat, or anywhere that settles on the seaside.

Tasmanian Inspiration

One of my favourite sources of inspiration is coastal places, or islands, that have a lot of cultures to offer. Tasmania is a beautiful example of a coastal style place that still feels warm and ‘homey’. A good tip is to look at places with a history, storytelling hotels with stunning interiors and views. These places often inspire me to find unique little pieces that fit perfectly in my beach home.

Colorful and strong furniture

Having a coastal home means constant tear by sand and ocean wet swimwear on the sofas, which is why you should get stylish yet strong furniture capable of withstanding the test of time. Having couches with washable fabrics are more recommended as well as having a protective coating. Sofas or couches with damp fabrics can easily cause odours.

Colourful furniture will make your beach home beautiful as they’ll complement your surroundings. Your furniture can be made of blue-green, red, white, and brown colours to complement everything around your beach home.

Nautical accessories

Finally adding nautical accessories to your beach home is the finishing touch you need to get a relaxed seaside vibe. Having nautical decor pieces like glass seashell bowls, seashell planters, nautical-themed bookends, etc. There are many more nautical accessories you can get to decorate your house; these are definitely what you need to have scattered all over your coastal house.

A beach house won’t mean anything without having the best decoration. Many people will see your home as a place of relaxation and will constantly be coming over.  That is why it is important to make your beach house a beautiful and comfortable place for everyone.

P.S If you’re looking to rent out your beach house – make sure you know all the rules!

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