Finest Places to Eat When Shopping in Hobart

fine dining at hotels in Tasmania

Hobart is a city of culture and kind-hearted people that love seafood, steaks, and grills. Why not take advantage of that on your shopping sprees?

It’s strategic Island location gives the inhabitants vast access to high-quality local produce. These treats are rich in nutrient and prepared by experienced chefs. You’ll also see top Hobart restaurant that serves delicious breakfasts and outdoor dinners. These are some finest places to eat in Hobart.

The Urban Greek

Our first pick is a smart, homely eatery that specializes in local Greek meals. They promote a clean-eating culture with their spacious restaurant, and relaxing ambience. Greek foods like homemade pastries and the creamy Moussaka are regulars on the menu list of the Urban Greek restaurant. It’s one of the best places in Hobart where families can eat and savour original recipes. Greeks are famous for their cuisine and hospitality. Also, this restaurant scene is warm and quiet for every visitor to enjoy. You should visit Murray Street in Hobart if you have a knack for traditional Greek delicacies.


Wouldn’t you like to have some delicious meals while enjoying great views? If you’ve ever stayed at one of the luxurious waterfront hotels in Hobart, you know how stunning the views can be! You’ll find the amazing Aløft restaurant at Hobart’s waterfront, above Brooke Street Pier. This restaurant sits on the roof-gable space of a four-story building with unhindered access to fresh air and amazing harbour views. It’s an indoor bar with an elaborate floor design that has seat arrangements that allow you to see the kitchen. Apart from the restaurant’s architecture, a spectacular feature of Aløft’s menu is the seasonal changes of its meals.

The locals supply wild farmed fish and other seafood to the restaurants directly. Also, native Tasmania spices and vegetables are served during the spring season. However, avid diners never enjoy this tasting menu without savouring some liquor from Aløft’s bar. Tourists can connect with other parts of Hobart city with ferries from Aløft.

Fine dining in Tasmania


TEMPLO is a popular restaurant for local Tasmanian meals. This twenty-seater restaurant serves between 9 to 10 dishes from their menu daily. You will see TEMPLO at Patrick Street in Hobart, Tasmania. Also, the ambience of this eatery ensures that you enjoy your favourite Vegetarian and Italian cuisine in a cozy environment. It’s a restaurant with themed communal dining tables in a relaxed environment. My first experience at TEMPLO was an intimate dinner with a loved one. This restaurant is not a wrong choice if you plan to eat out in a charming setting down the quiet neighbourhoods of Hobart. Apart from the local Australian and contemporary cuisines, TEMPLO offers a collection of Tasmanian beers and wines.


Tasmanian locals love FRANKLIN because they can get tasty grilled meats with their favourite wines in a restaurant that has an open kitchen. As one of the best places to eat in Hobart, it’s also a favourite restaurant that serves beer, wine, and cocktails. The exterior design of the restaurant features concrete facades and Scandinavian-styled interior with minimalistic decorations. It was a former popular automobile showroom on Argyle Street that now attracts people with an open kitchen and Feed-Me menu. FRANKLIN never disappoints people that love vegetables and seafood.


Flippers are the place to visit when you crave for well-made fish and chips. With as little as AUD$12, your favorite Tasmanian Seafood can be served with potato chips. Also, this eatery is located in Constitution Dock at Hobart. It has a floating fish punt and offers steps of the docks as dining seats. Apart from the delicacy of fresh fish, its menu offers prawn cutlets, scallops, calamari, and crab sticks daily. It’s never a dull moment eating at the dock, and enjoying the scenic views of Tasmania’s coastal city.

Alternatively, you could have a look at one of the art hotels, for a more fine dining experience in Hobart. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find a great place to eat when you’re out and about on your shopping trip.

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