Halloween Glow in the Dark Contacts

Halloween Glow in the dark contacts

Halloween is here again and understandably; you want to look your best in the most dazzling outfits. You have purchased your glow in the dark contact lenses, and you are determined to make the celebration as memorable as possible. However, you are stuck because you do not know what to pair with the glow in the dark contacts that you got for your Halloween celebration party. Well, do not worry for this piece is going to give you some useful tips on how you can go about it.

Halloween DIY Tips

As Halloween costumes have to be as spooky as possible, you are free to exercise the powers of your creativity to the fullest. Start by taking leggings, stockings, or tights into consideration. It is an easy DIY tip that you can utilize in no time.

If it so happens that the costume includes a skirt or dress, blending it up with pink, nude, or even black tights will add more sizzle to the outfit. By the time you rock your pair of glow in the dark contacts for  Halloween, you will be more than glad you did.

Spooky Look

If you want your Halloween contacts to look even more menacing so you can get that typical witches and warlocks, then you can decide to pair your contact lenses with a cloak or cape. Apart from adding some degree of warmth and elegance to the costume, the cape or cloak will look good. You can even decide to go for something as simple as a regular T-shirt.

On the other hand, you can decide to add a coat into the whole attire setting. You can even go for a proper zombie look or make do with an animal costume. A jacket is also not a bad idea at all as it makes for a complete Halloween costume since your goal is to look as outlandish as possible. After all, it is Halloween!

Costume Rentals

Still, on what to pair with your glow in the dark contacts, you can stretch your creativity even further by choosing a very colourful DIY flamingo outfit. As the name implies, it is pink and fluffy all through; you get the fluff with the feather-like pieces attached all over the dress. There is even a nose-like fixture that you can make use of, but that is not all.

To blend well with your contact lenses that shine in the dark, get some nice bowler hat, and you are going to get that grand and classy look. You can even add some mystique to your appearance by choosing a walking stick or ceremonial staff. Time to break out the costumes get some friends together and go on one hell of a Halloween bender and freak all your neighbours out with the new contact lenses in hand.

The tips given here are by no means all you can do, you do not have to limit yourself to these hints. You are more than free even to do crazier blends of colour, texture, and materials. Halloween is a time to celebrate, enjoy, and make real statements with your fashion so go for it!

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