The best furniture stores in Australia

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As far as the choice of furniture is concerned, Australians have a specific aesthetic they prefer. Decorating one’s home is a very serious decision for Australians because there is lots of variety in the market. Our many timbers and welded mesh suppliers in Australia are busy creating new designs all the time. It can be an overwhelming task to choose the best furniture for your home, and it becomes extra difficult when it comes to re-styling your current home. Australia has some of the best furniture stores in the world, and they will likely live up to your expectations. I’ve listed some of those stores below. 


Jarden is one of the best stores in Australia, and it’s a great option for those of you looking for cool and quirky furniture. The store offers furniture designs that come under the Aussie-meets-Scandi style, with some pieces including galvanised steel mesh panels. Items in the store are a combination of relaxed simplicity and playful quality. A family-owned business in Australia, Jordan knows how to offer furniture products for the preferences and choices of the majority of Australians. It is good to know that this furniture store has its entire operations and handcrafts in Australia. That makes it a truly Australian run and operated furniture store. It is also the reason why the store has been performing so well in Australia – because it is distinctively an Australian brand. 


Space is another furniture store that offers customers furniture items with a high level of comfort and luxury. It artistically combines these two features. A visit to the store may give customers a clear image of their style, as it is no doubt one of the world’s finest furniture stores. The store has many different brands that will meet the contemporary preferences of modern society. Space makes it easy for customers to choose from a wide range of products in the store. Some of these brands include Maxalto, Mooi, and Foscarini. It may be a costly choice for some customers, but it is the best choice for having furniture and accessories for your home. 


The store offers superior craftsmanship that is visible from the furniture items available in their store. The craftsmanship is what makes it one of the best stores in the country. It is also an Australian design, and the designer, Ross Longmuir, has built the store from scratch. All furniture items are innovative, especially due to the sustainable business model of the store. It uses premium Australian hardwoods, spotted gums, and Japanese ceramics in its furniture items. The flexibility of the store is highly attractive as it offers custom-built designs for its customers too. Many other features make the store one of the best in Australia. 


Ikea is a respectable international name in the furniture industry, and it also exists in Australia. The store has developed an expertise to offer a Scandinavian aesthetic furniture design that is appropriate and suitable for any environment and space requirement. It makes it an easy and convenient choice for customers to have furniture for their homes. The brand is global and is known for its affordable and flexible designs. It may not be luxurious, but the store fulfills the needs of many Australians. The art of flexibility with furniture is the innovation brought by Ikea in the world of furniture. That is why people love Ikea and its stores. 

So there you go, those are some of the best furniture stores in Australia (they may also be present in some other cities!). Most of them are located in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and other prominent cities in Australia. They offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of Australians. Each store differs in design and quality of their products, because a furniture item is the product of a designer. The creation of one designer may not be similar to another – that’s what makes them unique! Durability, affordability, luxurious style, and flexibility are some prominent features present in furniture items available in these best furniture stores in Australia.

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